Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When can I knit?

It seems like time is speeding up.  Doesn't it?  I  managed Marriott hotels and I was a General Manager for the last ten years.  Now, I'm a college student.  I became disabled a couple years ago, but I decided that I am determined to get back to work.  I wanted to do something that could really make a difference.  I wanted to touch peoples lives on a deeper level.  So I decided to become a Psychologist.  It is my dream to get well and be able to go back to work.  I want to make my time count.  I want to make every day count.  Going back to school has been very rough on me.  My health challenges continue to place limits on my energy level and I fight like hell to make the grade.  I was thinking this morning about how fighting illness and trying to go to school at the same time might be similar to, let's say, being a Mother, Father, working full time with children, or single and working two jobs etc...  We all have something in common, time is short, and we are only human.  For those of us who enjoy knitting and other crafts, it is often hard to fit our hobbies into our schedule.  Do you ever find that just when you get a chance to rest, you don't feel like knitting or when you want to knit, you don't have the time?  I do!  I don't have a group of followers on my blog yet, but if I did I would want to know how they do it.  How do you fit your knitting and crafting time into your busy schedule?  I struggle, I try to set aside time for my knitting projects, but many times I am interrupted.  In the past I've become frustrated and have put aside projects for months at a time because I can't seem to make progress.  I try and push knitting into my schedule wherever I can.  I would certainly be interested to hear how other people fit their own knitting or hobbies into their lives.  Trying to strike that balance today between life and craft.  I'll get there, someday!  Best Wishes!  -Bill