Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I want to be a process knitter

It's been a while since I've had an extra moment to breathe, let alone sit down and take a minute to add to my blog.  It's been a long couple of years, dealing with illness but still pressing on and completing the first round of my undergraduate studies in substance abuse and psychology.  I have a little break now until I move on to my my clinical psychology studies at Whitworth University here in Spokane, Washington.  It's super hard to knit when academic rigors demand so much focus.  I've had to put some projects to the side while I've worked on my newest project, a knitted baby blanket for my nephew, Carter, due to arrive on May 21st.  I'm on track to start tackling my queue of projects and my out of control stash.  Yes, just because you aren't knitting, doesn't mean you don't quit buying the yarn.  I was watching an interview with Stacy Perry, of Verypink Knits and Judy Graham, knitter to the stars, who also has a great site on youtube called, "Knitting tips by Judy."  Stacy was talking about how she admires yarn when she sees it but has no desire to buy what she's not using and stash it.  Stacy said she usually casts on what she buys within 2 days.  Maybe I've become an impulsive yarn buyer.  Yes, I admit, when I see any sort of sale, or discontinued item I must have, I just can't resist.  Stacy got me thinking about cutting down on my own purchases and focusing more on what I'm knitting at the moment.  I have so much yarn in my stash, that at the rate I'm going, it would take years to process it all.  I just have to laugh at myself and move on.  I have a few months a vacation and a lot of knitting I want to do.  There is one great lesson I've learned over the last year.  If you are to tired to knit, don't feel like knitting, or are disenchanted with a project you are working on, then put it down!  Why knit if you don't love what you are doing.  And if you knit, knit well.  No need to rush a project, cover mistakes, and stress out just to get it done.  Take your time, relax, rip it out if you need to, because what you are creating is art.  What you knit should be a treasure, a love gift, an heirloom.  So, even though I have only a few months of free time, I'm going to work on being more of a" process knitter", and less of a "project knitter".  This was another epiphany I had while watching Judy Graham interview Stacy Perry.  Very wise words!  That's what I love about knitting.  You never stop learning!  Here's a link to Judy Graham interviewing Stacy Perry of VeryPink.